A downloadable game for Windows

Made for LD38 jam

Two tiny armies fight each other for glory!


  • You are the red army.
  • You must score more points than the blue army within 3 minutes.
  • You score points by getting your soldiers to the end of their lanes.

Secure control points to make your soldiers stronger.

  • Up - choose top lane
  • Left - choose mid lane
  • Down - choose bot lane
  • Space - spawn soldier in lane


  • Don't spam! think about placement
  • You get 5 Souls every 5 seconds, each soldier costs 1 soul.
  • At 20 Seconds you get 10 Souls, at 60, 15 souls and at 90 20 souls per 5 seconds.
  • Top lane is closer to you than bot lane. Make sure you secure that power up!
  • Mid lane is good for sneaking units in.


This is our first game jam and LD. I joined on the 22nd and did all the coding from scratch. A majority of the art was from my old projects. Cris joined the project in the final 3 hours and wrote all the music and stingers!

We used one sound sample for the ambience which we did not create ourselves.

Software used:

  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Aseprite
  • Audacity
  • Logic X

Big thanks to the people who gave me support on stream! This was an extremely fun experience and I will definitely be back for the next LD!

PS: I've only done about an 1hr of testing - also this is my first time creating AI so please let me know if you find anything funny.

Change Log:


  • Fixed timer placement on fullscreen mode to be center of screen.
  • Tweaked AI to be more aggressive. (The game should be harder now)
  • Changed main menu text to show controls.
  • Added logo to main menu.
  • Fixed music to start on main menu.


Small Wars V1.01.zip 13 MB


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Love this kind of stuff but damn did I get owned while playing it live (6:50):

Hi Iwan, thanks for playing! I'm sorry about the enemy AI; I found it really hard to balance his decision making. Lessons were learnt!

Subbed to you, hope to see more cool games!